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Initiatives we support

Martin County is very Veteran friendly and generously supportive of our fund raising activities, Our generous community support has allowed us to launch and maintain several ongoing initiatives:

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Rapid Response Fund: This fund was established to assist veterans and their families who are encountering financial problems until a more long-term solution can be developed. It is funded annually by Chapter 1041 and is administered by the Martin County Veterans Service Office.


Transportation Fund: Each year more than 5000 veterans are transported from their homes to area V.A. Clinics and the V.A. Hospital in West Palm Beach. The vehicles that are currently used will need to be replaced in the next few years. A portion of funds raised will be set aside to be used toward vehicle replacement.
Veteran Scholarship Fund: Chapter 1041 funds scholarships to the IRSC Manufacturing Fast Track Program. This initiative is aimed at those veterans who want to acquire technical skills to build a technical career with one of the manufacturing companies on the Treasure Coast.


ROTC Scholarships: The perpetuation of our military is necessary for the defense of our country and way of life.  Chapter 1041 funds college scholarships at our three local high schools for participants in their respective ROTC programs.
Veteran’s Employment Initiative: In collaboration with the United Way, The Business Development Board and Career Services, Chapter 1041 holds two job fairs annually (October & April) to reduce the unemployment rate among veterans in Martin County. The Chapter has developed a Resource Guide listing services available for veterans from Martin County. It is available on this website (Under Resources), at the County Veteran Service Office and through veteran organizations in the county. In addition, the Martin County VSO office mails a guide to each returning veteran. The ultimate measurement of success is a re-integration of those who have served into our community and reduction in the unemployment rate for veterans.
Operation Troop Support: The Chapter has shipped over forty boxes, i.e. Care Packages, to combat troops deployed in Afghanistan. The comfort items sent are things not provided by the military, but requested by the troops.


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